BBT – Beach Bum Threads



I’m a wanderlust…well I try to be when time permits. Like many, I travel not to say i’ve been somewhere, but to explore, learn and share the beauty of what this world has to offer. I love to analyze cultural differences, with the purpose of understanding the human race, and trying to understand what divides us. I can honestly say that between food, music and people, we are not that different from each other. We are a species that mostly values love from family and friends. We love to have fun and we always celebrate with food and/or alcohol.

I travel light. I hate weight or bulk as baggage. One thing that’s certain is that I always make sure to pack my bikini. I’m a beach bum. With deep roots from the islands, the beach and sand is in my blood – I think it could literally be. To be honest, most of my chosen destinations are hot. I’ll get to the cold ones later on in my life when wearing a bikini is inappropriate. I get frustrated with the limited swimwear selection in Canada. I was devastated the day I learned Victoria Secret (except for Pink) ended their swimwear line. Ok…devastated is probably a bit dramatic. Since then I decided to be a little more patient. Not that I wasn’t already familiar with Winners and Marshalls, but let’s just say I stalk their swimwear section on a regular basis, it’s like a second job for me. Some people say they don’t have time for those two stores because of the chaos of mixed up clothing. I on the other hand call it a hobby. I love to go on a quiet “random day of the week” evening and take my time to look through the items. It’s almost therapeutic for me. Basically, I’ve walked out with some unique pieces, including swimwear. One of my most recent finds were these beautiful coverups by Kareena’s. For that elegant but sexy sneak peek look at a reasonable price one can’t go wrong. I rocked mine in the lovely Los Cabos, Mexico at the JW Marriott. They’re great to throw on for lunch or if you feel like hiding certain parts that may be noticeable to mankind. If you ever get your hands on these beauties just be sure to hand wash yours – don’t say I didn’t tell you so.

coverup → Kareena’s
glasses → Roots
earrings → Aldo Accessories

Never Judge a Person by Their Attire?

So I woke up for work on this lovely day and as usual I asked myself the same questions I do every morning, “what am I going to wear?” and “what’s the weather today?”. As I turned over and looked out the window and saw the spring snow falling, I only wanted to slip on my Lululemons with my big hoodie and rock it to work. Of course I would never do such a thing. I snapped out of it and slipped on my comfy sear skirt and cotton turtleneck to complete a sharp black ensemble. However, I must admit I have my days where I just want to roll into work like it’s a Saturday morning, and then I remember those words.

Growing up I was always told to look presentable, it doesn’t matter where you’re going – school, work or a late run to the grocery store for that Haagen Dazs (guilty!). You never know who you’re going to meet. They say you should never judge a book by its cover. At times I find it a little hypocritical in the sense that the first thing we see when we meet someone is what they’re wearing. Even without speaking to someone before they open their mouth, the human mind automatically begins judging and formulating biases. This could be based on race, physical features, scent, and yes, clothing. The “cover” in this context is overall appearance. Is it right? No, but we can’t always control human nature. Although we should not trust too much in appearances, it’s still the first thing we see.

A huge part of my career is interviewing people on a daily basis. Because of that, the first thing I’m drawn to when I meet people is their appearance. Although this is technically the last criteria I judge them on, it’s still the first thing I see. Keeping in mind that not everyone can afford the wardrobe of a superstar, however it’s not about who you’re wearing but what you’re wearing, where and how you’re wearing it. The truth is we live in a time where people don’t respect attire. We wear running shoes and flip-flops to weddings, jeans to church, and baseball caps in restaurants. We’ve lost the sense of style. The fun in dressing up, and even dressing down at appropriate times.

I always say that it doesn’t take much to look presentable. With the right clean threads, a smile, and a final touch of confidence, anyone can look good. But to feel good, that starts from within.

skirt → Rudsak
turtleneck → Wilfred
shoes → BCBG
mug → Winners




Welcome To My “Closet”

bui-bao-417691-unsplashWelcome. Let me start off first by saying this has been long overdue. What is this? To be honest, I don’t know exactly, but definitely the beginning of something great. Like many, I too decided that I want to share my passion for threads, style, the art of fashion. You see, we all interpret art differently. The same way one may stare at a painting for hours and get nothing out of it. Someone else might point out one detail and make you see everything differently. That’s the beauty of fashion. Despite how ugly the color or pattern may be, someone out there knows how to work that piece. It takes that one person to make you see the beauty of it all. Fashion is about embracing your uniqueness and expressing yourself, regardless of how “haute” the “couture” may be, or thrifty it may look. It adds the final touch of who you are.

I’m a proud Canadian – originally from Montreal. The city of fashion, love and arts. I grew up surrounded by all of it, including great food and partying. Let’s not focus on the last two *smirk*. Although it has been some time since I left the beautiful Montreal, she has never left me. I take her everywhere I go. She has taught me style, culture, diversity, and so much more. From my ballet days, to winning a Miss Canada title, and currently in my sophisticated career – I still embrace all of these elements.

The analogy of  my “closet” is my world of fashion surrounded by travel, music, and lifestyle. In that there will be purpose, culture and adventure. May you enjoy every piece, every moment, and every word.

photo credit: Bui Bao @syderbao91