The Dress


Growing up I never imagined what dress I would wear on my wedding day, or what shoes or accessories would match. Probably because all white outfits are still out of the norm for me. To be honest, I never vividly dreamed of my big day. Hard to believe for some, but easy to believe for those who know me. Who knows that getting married is a bonus to finding my life partner, my best friend. It’s so easy to get married, and have kids, but finding that one person who doesn’t make you think twice, that’s what I always fantasized.

Enough of the mushy stuff, but here I am engaged and bridal dress shopping. Trying to determine if it’s going to be the crepe, flare, or sweetheart neckline. My biggest problem is that I love them all! Probably making every person at every bridal boutique I visited want to strangle me.

The best advise I can give is to start shopping once you book your venue. In my case we were on the fence of tying the knot on the beach or in the mountains. Once we decided on the beach I knew the big, princess and long-sleeve wasn’t going to make the cut  – which helped me narrow down. The other piece of advise is, WEAR WHAT YOU WANT. This is your day and only you will wear that dress. Of course there’s nothing wrong with including your go-tos but only you can make that final decision. Lastly, too many options will only confuse you. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to model in a few bridal expos, but made sure to still narrow it down to three bridal boutiques. The more I tried on, the more I knew what style I wanted.

Yesterday was the day I said, “yes to the dress”. After trying on twenty something dresses and at the third bridal house, I said yes. People say, once you try it on, you’ll know. I always thought it to be cheesy, but I get it now. No doubts or second guessing. I just know. With that said, thank you Bridal Boutique for your patience and amazing service! I can’t wait to rock it on my big day, and of course I’ll try not to get it dirty.