The Dress


Growing up I never imagined what dress I would wear on my wedding day, or what shoes or accessories would match. Probably because all white outfits are still out of the norm for me. To be honest, I never vividly dreamed of my big day. Hard to believe for some, but easy to believe for those who know me. Who knows that getting married is a bonus to finding my life partner, my best friend. It’s so easy to get married, and have kids, but finding that one person who doesn’t make you think twice, that’s what I always fantasized.

Enough of the mushy stuff, but here I am engaged and bridal dress shopping. Trying to determine if it’s going to be the crepe, flare, or sweetheart neckline. My biggest problem is that I love them all! Probably making every person at every bridal boutique I visited want to strangle me.

The best advise I can give is to start shopping once you book your venue. In my case we were on the fence of tying the knot on the beach or in the mountains. Once we decided on the beach I knew the big, princess and long-sleeve wasn’t going to make the cut  – which helped me narrow down. The other piece of advise is, WEAR WHAT YOU WANT. This is your day and only you will wear that dress. Of course there’s nothing wrong with including your go-tos but only you can make that final decision. Lastly, too many options will only confuse you. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to model in a few bridal expos, but made sure to still narrow it down to three bridal boutiques. The more I tried on, the more I knew what style I wanted.

Yesterday was the day I said, “yes to the dress”. After trying on twenty something dresses and at the third bridal house, I said yes. People say, once you try it on, you’ll know. I always thought it to be cheesy, but I get it now. No doubts or second guessing. I just know. With that said, thank you Bridal Boutique for your patience and amazing service! I can’t wait to rock it on my big day, and of course I’ll try not to get it dirty.


Over the holidays I snuck in a trip to New York City with some dear friends – celebrating my girl’s 35th. After my many trips to New York, this was the first time I stayed in New York City. I know, shame on me. I can honestly say that being in New York is always that strange place where I always feel I belong. The noise of traffic, the smell of street food and yummy sewer smell, and who can forget the glare of lights. As a Montreal native, it made me feel right at home. I always find something beautiful about the confusion and chaos in a big city. After a walk through the Meatpacking District I couldn’t be bothered by the uneven cobble stone streets, but it was enough to ruin my heels!

For me, New York is not the city to escape but the place that makes me feel so alive. It was a breath of fresh air…really but not really. I appreciate the variety of fashion and the eclecticism. The furs and faux furs. The leathers and pleathers. Where people unapologetically embrace their looks. Nothing generic – that’s just New York.

I ❤ NY

In the closet:
coat – Zara
fur collar – Rudsak
glasses – Gucci
boot – Jeffrey Campbell
crop sweater – House of CB
joggings – Bida Boutique

A White Christmas


For years I used to stress around the holiday season. I rushed to malls and drove all over town to find specific gifts for loved ones. Drove from one city to another to visit friends, sipped on cocktails or met for dinner, and exchange more gifts. In the meantime, running around doing 50 last minute errands. Now the holiday season means so much more to me – something so different. I’m not against the shopping and rushing to see friends, but in the midst of driving around to see everyone, I was missing out on the meaning and the enjoyment. Aside from a quick getaway to New York City (post to follow), this year was the first time in my career I took time off. I flew to Montreal earlier to spend time with my family and helped in the kitchen. I watched Christmas movies (yes, Home Alone was one of them), and enjoyed some traditional Trinidadian Christmas delicacies on the couch, all while the slow falling snowflakes dusted the streets and trees in white. It was one of the most relaxing holidays spent, and I got to take it all in.

In the closet:

And of course, part of my early planning this year involved my holiday outfits. With Christmas parties kicking off a littler earlier, I got the closet ready with holiday party attire. I stayed away from the typical red and changed it up a little. One of my favourite pieces was from my new favourite boutique – House of CB. The Azariah dress, an all white slim fitted bandage dress, with a covered neck. As someone who wears black like it’s a colour code, wearing all white was risky and according to some, “bold”. Once again, my effort of stepping out of the box and acknowledging winter white as an acceptable holiday colour was a success with no wine spills. I feel like I can check off a box on my fashion bucket list. As for being a skeptic of online shopping, I can honestly say that House of CB’s pictures are not deceiving (no, this is not a sponsored post). The pieces I ordered looked just like the pictures on their models, and fit to expectation – nothing less. Of course sizing can be a little challenging but they have a chart on their website that is very helpful.

Cheers to an amazing holiday season with loved ones and good times! May the year  of 2019 bring us all happiness, love, success, and more blog posts. ❤


Wedding Ready?

‘Tis the season, wedding season and it’s inevitable that someone will ask me, “what do I wear?”. The questions I ask is “What kind of wedding is it? Will it be hot, cold or humid? Formal or casual?”. I even ask what kind of food will be served. It may sound ridiculous but it’s a serious question. We all know certain cultures love to feed their loved ones, and I have no issues with that, however I make sure I’m prepared.

First thing’s first, read the details on the invitation. Most invites specify the attire which I must say is very helpful (*useful tip for those who plan on tying the knot). Most of the time a formal attire is expected. What’s formal anymore? That’s another post for another day. For those who don’t know anymore, you definitely want to dress up. I always say, it’s alway better to be over than under. Pull out the pearls, Swarovski crystals and cubic zirconias (or diamonds). Go crazy. It’s an occasion and certainly something great to celebrate. So don’t be shy to be SEEN.

For a summer or hot destination wedding, keep it loose and flowing. Maybe a long dress, off the shoulder, with a bottom that moves with the wind – literally. The last thing you want is clingy material in the heat. I’m from Montreal, and believe it or not that city feels those hot and humid summers. I myself have made the mistake of wearing the wrong thing, and felt drips of sweat rolling down my legs and onto my feet (TMI, sorry). The point is that you always want to be comfortable. Make sure the material is light and non-restrictive. You may want to grab a shawl for the night, just in case the temperature drops drastically.

Autumn and winter weddings. I hope for your sake you don’t get invited to a mid-February wedding. It happened to me once. Let’s just say I was sipping on more tea than wine. If that’s the case, make sure you go with the thicker material. Something fitted and long-sleeved. Another great look is a princess skirt as a bottom and a fancy crop top to complete the outfit. You might want to do a thick cashmere shawl or even a faux-fur shrug (I won’t judge you if you wear real fur). These pieces usually dress up your look, with the right accessories of course. I also suggest wearing tights or nylons in cooler temperatures, as it’s more fitting and adds class to the outfit. That’s just me though.

This past weekend I attended my friend’s wedding in British Columbia, Canada. It was honestly one of the most beautiful weddings I’ve ever witnessed. To be honest, before going I had no idea what to wear (i know, not a real problem). An outdoor wedding in June, and on the mountaintop. Although it’s summer, it still meant I had to take backup layers for this wedding because those BC mountaintops are chilly. Lucky for us the weather was beautiful and although chilly on the mountain, the sun kept us warm during the ceremony. My dress was from Nordstrom, by Bardot and although not loose and flowing, it was just perfect. The day wasn’t too hot, and it definitely cooled down at night. I showed off my open shoulder with an updo bun, and wore my simple “diamond” button earrings with a dainty necklace. I’ll also say that my Lulu Guinness lips clutch completed my outfit, and held more nonsense that I could imagine.

It’s important to look good and fit in at a wedding. As guests we end up in countless pictures and videos – memories that last a lifetime. Sometimes it just takes a little more thought to find the perfect outfit for a long day.

Wearing Cause


Most of us may already know that beauty and fashion are multibillion-dollar industries. It’s quite evident that I contribute as a consumer, also because it’s my hobby. No guilt there yet. However, I do confess that I feel the guilt when I think about where my money could or should have gone. I’ve become more mindful of my fashion/beauty spending, and have been doing research on how I can contribute to local or international charities/foundations while shopping. I know, the first thought most of us have is, “how do we know are money is going where they say it’s going?”.  I ask myself that all the time when asked to donate. Sometimes I’d rather personally give my money to an individual or cause to know it’s in fact making a difference. So it’s understandable that there may be that skepticism when giving away money. I don’t blame anyone because I’m a skeptic myself! In any case, I do my research on different companies and organizations, and I use my discretion on the cause.

With that said, I’m sure you’re wondering what a picture of me chilling on my couch has anything to do with giving back. This week I decided to use M.A.C’s Viva Glam.  This line is a public charity which donates to an AIDS fund. Every penny of their sales from the product line go straight to the fund which was established in 1994. I’m also proud to mention that it started in the lovely Toronto (#OhCanada). This has since evolved over the years and has touched the many lives of those affected by AIDS/HIV. It also brings educational programs to communities to teach people how to prevent the disease. Since it’s establishment many celebrities such as Nicki Minaj, RuPaul and Rihanna have been faces of the product line, but most importantly voices for the cause.

The cause I’m wearing today is Viva Glam III on my lips, and I love how it perfectly matches my kimono. I may not be a spokesperson for a cause…yet, but I believe each person can make a difference while doing something they love. #VIVAGLAM #WEARINGCAUSE