Some argue that it’s not a colour, but a shade. That it’s boring, depressing, or mournful. Others say that it lacks creativity because it goes with everything. Despite its practicality, to me, it’s the shade of prestige. It has that sexy, sleek look. It’s even my shade of choice when choosing a car.

Black. It’s my go-to on good and bad days. At work, in the gym, pretty much anywhere. My loved ones bug me about wearing it too often, enough for me to question my wardrobe. Is wearing the same shade or colour an issue? Either way, I take no offence.

After many years, I finally asked myself and the truth is I choose the shade not only for the prestige but for the convenience. Let’s keep it real, I am the biggest undercover klutz. I constantly spill and stain my clothes, and the only time I feel secure and worry-free is when I wear black. As a lover of red wine, I couldn’t feel more comfortable wearing anything else, especially at an event. I also couldn’t express how much I love how it hides certain details, such as my bloated or “food baby” days. What can I say, it’s the colour that never disappoints.

There you have it. Nothing deeper than this, just the main reason why black takes over my wardrobe. Lately I’ve been making the effort to add a little colour in the closet. Coming back to my previous post, I agree that it’s time to step out of the comfort zone but still, nothing beats a sharp all black outfit from head to toe with sexy pumps. You know what they say, “women who wear black lead colourful lives”. Just saying. #allblackeverything

Top – Aritzia
Jeans – Zara
Ring/Bracelet – Cartier

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