The Dress


Growing up I never imagined what dress I would wear on my wedding day, or what shoes or accessories would match. Probably because all white outfits are still out of the norm for me. To be honest, I never vividly dreamed of my big day. Hard to believe for some, but easy to believe for those who know me. Who knows that getting married is a bonus to finding my life partner, my best friend. It’s so easy to get married, and have kids, but finding that one person who doesn’t make you think twice, that’s what I always fantasized.

Enough of the mushy stuff, but here I am engaged and bridal dress shopping. Trying to determine if it’s going to be the crepe, flare, or sweetheart neckline. My biggest problem is that I love them all! Probably making every person at every bridal boutique I visited want to strangle me.

The best advise I can give is to start shopping once you book your venue. In my case we were on the fence of tying the knot on the beach or in the mountains. Once we decided on the beach I knew the big, princess and long-sleeve wasn’t going to make the cut  – which helped me narrow down. The other piece of advise is, WEAR WHAT YOU WANT. This is your day and only you will wear that dress. Of course there’s nothing wrong with including your go-tos but only you can make that final decision. Lastly, too many options will only confuse you. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to model in a few bridal expos, but made sure to still narrow it down to three bridal boutiques. The more I tried on, the more I knew what style I wanted.

Yesterday was the day I said, “yes to the dress”. After trying on twenty something dresses and at the third bridal house, I said yes. People say, once you try it on, you’ll know. I always thought it to be cheesy, but I get it now. No doubts or second guessing. I just know. With that said, thank you Bridal Boutique for your patience and amazing service! I can’t wait to rock it on my big day, and of course I’ll try not to get it dirty.

The First Layer

If you know me, you know that my “thing” in my closet is a nice coat…maybe a few. Living in Canada we are in layers the majority of the year. Wool coats, transitional jackets, trench, short or long leather, puffers, you name it. It just comes with being Canadian. My argument is that if outerwear is the first thing people see on you, why not let your look start from there? If you’re going to rock a hot outfit, then complete your look with the right top layer.

This season I was shopping for a coat (as usual) and I decided to change it up by creating my own look – mostly because I couldn’t find what I had in mind or everything I liked was stupid expensive.

This time I wanted something long. So I went with the long wool “wrap collar” from Zara. A look that I can wear casually but is more flattering in heels. I also picked up a black fur collar piece from Rudsak. This accessory dresses it up and is fun to wear on a night out or for a special occasion. It even looks good on other coats/jackets. In the end, I found the look I was going for and it cost me half the amount I would’ve paid for a similar style.

And there you have it, proof that you can still be frugal and stylish. Or frugish?


Over the holidays I snuck in a trip to New York City with some dear friends – celebrating my girl’s 35th. After my many trips to New York, this was the first time I stayed in New York City. I know, shame on me. I can honestly say that being in New York is always that strange place where I always feel I belong. The noise of traffic, the smell of street food and yummy sewer smell, and who can forget the glare of lights. As a Montreal native, it made me feel right at home. I always find something beautiful about the confusion and chaos in a big city. After a walk through the Meatpacking District I couldn’t be bothered by the uneven cobble stone streets, but it was enough to ruin my heels!

For me, New York is not the city to escape but the place that makes me feel so alive. It was a breath of fresh air…really but not really. I appreciate the variety of fashion and the eclecticism. The furs and faux furs. The leathers and pleathers. Where people unapologetically embrace their looks. Nothing generic – that’s just New York.

I ❤ NY

In the closet:
coat – Zara
fur collar – Rudsak
glasses – Gucci
boot – Jeffrey Campbell
crop sweater – House of CB
joggings – Bida Boutique

A White Christmas


For years I used to stress around the holiday season. I rushed to malls and drove all over town to find specific gifts for loved ones. Drove from one city to another to visit friends, sipped on cocktails or met for dinner, and exchange more gifts. In the meantime, running around doing 50 last minute errands. Now the holiday season means so much more to me – something so different. I’m not against the shopping and rushing to see friends, but in the midst of driving around to see everyone, I was missing out on the meaning and the enjoyment. Aside from a quick getaway to New York City (post to follow), this year was the first time in my career I took time off. I flew to Montreal earlier to spend time with my family and helped in the kitchen. I watched Christmas movies (yes, Home Alone was one of them), and enjoyed some traditional Trinidadian Christmas delicacies on the couch, all while the slow falling snowflakes dusted the streets and trees in white. It was one of the most relaxing holidays spent, and I got to take it all in.

In the closet:

And of course, part of my early planning this year involved my holiday outfits. With Christmas parties kicking off a littler earlier, I got the closet ready with holiday party attire. I stayed away from the typical red and changed it up a little. One of my favourite pieces was from my new favourite boutique – House of CB. The Azariah dress, an all white slim fitted bandage dress, with a covered neck. As someone who wears black like it’s a colour code, wearing all white was risky and according to some, “bold”. Once again, my effort of stepping out of the box and acknowledging winter white as an acceptable holiday colour was a success with no wine spills. I feel like I can check off a box on my fashion bucket list. As for being a skeptic of online shopping, I can honestly say that House of CB’s pictures are not deceiving (no, this is not a sponsored post). The pieces I ordered looked just like the pictures on their models, and fit to expectation – nothing less. Of course sizing can be a little challenging but they have a chart on their website that is very helpful.

Cheers to an amazing holiday season with loved ones and good times! May the year  of 2019 bring us all happiness, love, success, and more blog posts. ❤



Some argue that it’s not a colour, but a shade. That it’s boring, depressing, or mournful. Others say that it lacks creativity because it goes with everything. Despite its practicality, to me, it’s the shade of prestige. It has that sexy, sleek look. It’s even my shade of choice when choosing a car.

Black. It’s my go-to on good and bad days. At work, in the gym, pretty much anywhere. My loved ones bug me about wearing it too often, enough for me to question my wardrobe. Is wearing the same shade or colour an issue? Either way, I take no offence.

After many years, I finally asked myself and the truth is I choose the shade not only for the prestige but for the convenience. Let’s keep it real, I am the biggest undercover klutz. I constantly spill and stain my clothes, and the only time I feel secure and worry-free is when I wear black. As a lover of red wine, I couldn’t feel more comfortable wearing anything else, especially at an event. I also couldn’t express how much I love how it hides certain details, such as my bloated or “food baby” days. What can I say, it’s the colour that never disappoints.

There you have it. Nothing deeper than this, just the main reason why black takes over my wardrobe. Lately I’ve been making the effort to add a little colour in the closet. Coming back to my previous post, I agree that it’s time to step out of the comfort zone but still, nothing beats a sharp all black outfit from head to toe with sexy pumps. You know what they say, “women who wear black lead colourful lives”. Just saying. #allblackeverything

Top – Aritzia
Jeans – Zara
Ring/Bracelet – Cartier

The Colour of Change


So while it started to snow where I live, I jet setted to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Mostly because I have no tolerance for cold, and because it’s one of my favourite beach destinations.

I had the usual in my carry-on except this time I packed my ankara styled top. This piece is very special to me because I bought it at the Festival nuit d’Afrique in Montreal a couple of years ago – my all time favourite festival. I remember it like yesterday, my friend and I decided to have a girls weekend in Montreal. We especially went for this event. 30 degrees celsius, hot and humid, and a woman performing on stage with a voice so strong it gave me goosebumps. Her band delivered beats so hypnotic I forgot where I was – so taken away. Despite the name, this is a festival that brings everyone together. A park filled with people, so happy, different colours, and nothing matters. I always try to take advantage of this liveliness when i’m visiting my home city.

As I walked through the marketplace I laid my eyes on this colourful piece. At the time I was on the tip of, “I need a change. Maybe I just need to add more colour to my wardrobe…or my life.” I wanted to do something different, out of my norm. I know, not a big deal, but it was to me. I’m the girl who’s usually in black, from head to toe. A colour, or shall I say shade, which I wear with pride as it represents prestige. Something i’ll get into later. The problem is that at this time in my life I needed change. I could’ve gotten a tattoo, a new haircut or a trip to Timbuktu. Instead, I bought this top. I was in a pleasant place in my life but not exactly where I wanted to be. Not only does this piece represent my deep roots, it represents something even deeper in my life. It was the day I decided to add some colour to my wardrobe, but also a day that brought a positive change in my life. Coincidence? I couldn’t say.

I wear my ankara top with pride and with a big smile on my face as it only brings me great memories. On this day in Cabo San Lucas, I wore it with my bikini bottom. Anyone who knows me knows that I’m not very pleased with the swimwear fashion in Canada (sad face). So I usually mix and match my beach outfits. There are so many things about this top that make me happy. They say that African wax print clothing was originally worn as a nonverbal way of communicating. To be honest, I don’t know what this pattern means but I would hope something along the lines of, “change is good”.

Just a T-shirt ?


IMG_4709At what point can one get away with it? Only wearing a T-shirt? Is it really only casual attire? What makes it acceptable? I’m sure you’re thinking, “a lot of questions for a small piece of clothing.”

Here’s the thing, there’s always the issue of “appropriate attire” which our generation has lost sense of. The etiquette of what to wear and when to wear it. A topic i’ve slightly touched on, and probably one of the biggest reasons why I started this page. I think it’s fun that many of us use fashion to express oneself. I think it’s a beautiful thing, but I do believe that there are still some fashion laws that should be abided.

The “fashion laws” come into play when proper attire is expected for an occasion (i.e. job interview, wedding, funeral). The list goes on. Most of these occasions specify attire which some people still choose to ignore – almost a little disrespectful. I’m not talking about all white and all black parties, but events where attire determines one’s seriousness/motivation for a job, or simply looking presentable. In my opinion, unless otherwise stated, it’s at these moments I would not wear a T-shirt. Once again…that’s my opinion.

So enough of the fashion military stuff. Outside of the typical occasion, I’m ok with rocking “just a T-shirt”. It’s one of my favourite pieces when styling only because of the versatility, and comfort it promises. Whether it’s to bed, with a blazer, or a statement necklace for a night out – it always works. We express our ideas on it, our favourite team, or sometimes settle for a plain look.

To be honest, my recent trip to Vancouver catalyzed this topic. I packed so fast, only taking pyjamas, underwear and a few pieces including my miniskirt (signature BCBG piece) – no dress shirt. So I decided to wear my simple black T-shirt tying a knot right in the front. I felt so weird to wear something that I usually lounge around in but nobody knows or cares! I guess it’s mostly psychological, and I’m slightly being a diva. It was also at this moment I realized that a T-shirt isn’t always “just a T-shirt”, it saved my Saturday night outfit.

I know, so many words for a simple piece of clothing…The beauty of fashion.